When You’re Serious About Change…

CORE Bodywork is a joint effort between client and practitioner; designed to release holding patterns in the connective tissue of the body through the use of fascial manipulations. The tools of CORE Bodywork are the practitioners hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and intention. CORE bodywork is traditionally initiated in a series of 5 sessions, strongly influenced by the work of Ida P Rolf PhD and modified by Noah Steven Karrasch, LMT Adv Certified Rolfer.

This is Client Centered and Client Responsible Bodywork




Fascinated by Fascia…

Over the last 10 years Pam has studied extensively with some of the worlds leading experts in Fascial Release including Tom Myers, Robert Schleip, James Earls, Art Riggs, George Kousaleos and Noah Steven Karrasch. Pam is currently the only CORE III Practitioner in Scotland offering the 5 series protocol developed by Noah Steven Karrasch. This client centered and client responsible Bodywork is Active, Efficient and Effective and brings together the wealth of teachings.

“I believe Pam has a gift to see what a body is presenting and the ability to develop a treatment plan that will usually help that person let go of the pain” – Noah S Karrasch November 2013.

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